Client Work in Research and Development

We support your technical challenge on audio processing and communications by using Hylable’s technology cultivated through the research and development of Hylable Discussion. We provide technical service in contract development, contract research, and consulting. If you have any problems with audio, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Example: Contract research and consulting using acoustic signal processing

Hylable’s members have expertise in research and development on audio; We analyze, propose a solution, and provide consulting services on your problems that need both knowledge and experience, such as audio recording, noise processing, and so forth.

Our expertise is not limited to human voices. We have experience of categorization, separation, and information retrieval of environmental sound, animal voices, and music sound.

Example: Collaboration using quantitative data of discussions generated by Hylable

Hylable Discussion enables us to quantify discussions. We analyze the organization or discussion space using the data. The existing discussion analysis was not scalable because it required manual transcriptions. Hylable Discussion realizes statistical analysis of large-scale discussions for data-driven research.

Hylable Discussion can be integrated with other systems. By combining the data with your systems, we can co-develop a new service that uses actual discussion data.

Please feel free to contact us