Hylable analyzes the discussions quantitatively with our two core patented technologies, “Auditory Scene Analysis” and “Discussion Analysis,” by focusing on who, when, and how much they talked. By utilizing the technologies, we have developed a cloud service that analyzes both offline and online discussions. The service has been used in various areas, mainly in schools and employee training.

Visualize discussions
with two core technologies!

Auditory Scene Analysis
Who uttered when?
Extract the target group

The utterances of the target group are extracted even in a noisy environment.

Discussion Analysis
Activity dynamics
Utterance durations
Turn takes
Various reports

We quantify and visualize the discussions from dialogue analysis and pedagogical point of view.

Reveal the structure of communication

Technology that quantifies the discussion

Existing discussion analysis is based on text analysis, but its automation is still challenging. This is because the speech-to-text performance is still low, especially in natural conversations having fillers, errors, and interruptions. To reveal the structure of such communication with complex dynamics, we focus on the quantitative aspect. By analyzing the communication using Hylable technology, you can analyze the structure of natural communications. The advantage of quantitative analysis is its independence from a particular language. Therefore, you can compare the communications in different languages or different topics by numbers.