Enrich Communication via Auditory Scene Analysis

In-face discussions
and Web conferences

Effective reflections with visualization

We have analyzed discussions of





Hylable provides SaaS products that quantify and visualize discussions both online and offline.

Why is Hylable selected?

with Simple Design

Hylable visualizes discussions with rich graphs. You can intuitively use it with user-friendly UI.

Rich Feedback
by Multiple Reports

Hylable automatically generates various reports of the analyzed data. We also customize reports on request.

Data Analytics
to Find Growth

Hylable visualizes the individual and organizational data of discussions. You can find the growth by comparing it with the past data.

Visualization of In-face Discussions
Hylable Discussion

Hylable Discussion is a combination of an egg-shaped recorder device and a SaaS that visualizes the in-face discussions. The entire process, including recording, uploading, and analysis, is automated with patented technologies. You can quickly visualize the group discussions.

The Features of Hylable Discussion

Just put an egg-shaped recorder!

The device setup is easy for both children and adults. You don’t need a power supply since the device works with a mobile battery.

Reliable analysis even for large number of discussions!

The analysis is reliable even in highly noisy environments such as large-scale multiple group discussions in schools, corporate training, and events.

Simple operation with browser control!

You can control the multiple recorder devices via a browser, including recording, uploading, and analysis.

Customer Feedback

Where is Hylable used?

Hylable is used in various educational situations, such as active learning in schools or corporate training.

Use cases (in Japanese)

Visualization changes behavior!

Watch the user’s voices used in English courses (in Japanese).

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Visualization of Web Conferences

Hylable is a Web conferencing system that visualizes the durations of utterances and the turn takes in real-time.

The features of Hylable

Real-time visualization

The visualization is updated in real-time. You can show the graphs to the participants either during or after the discussion.

Overview of multiple discussions!

Breakout rooms tend to be a black box. Hylable gives an overview of the discussion state of multiple groups. The educators can watch the discussion state and intervene at appropriate timing.

Simple operation

Using the guest URLs, the guests without accounts can use Hylable. Even application installation is not needed.

More information

Hylable is used for online group discussions in online educations or trainings.

Product details (in Japanese)

Product video

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