Enrich Communication via Auditory Scene Analysis

In-face discussions
and Web conferences

Effective reflections with visualization


Team Analysis
Improving productivity with periodic observations of discussions

Meetings are essential activities for companies.

While the importance of meetings, most employees attend more than sixty meetings per month, and half of them are waste of time, according to a survey(*).

Our approach is not to reduce the meeting time uniformly. Instead, we provide measurement data of discussions for decreasing unproductive meetings and increasing productive meetings scientifically.

Hylable Discussion is a cloud service that quantifies discussions. By accumulating the behaviors of each team and individual, we can visualize the trends in the meetings of that team. By combining the data with various existing internal data, you can compose the best team filled with rich communications.

(*) Otter.ai “Shocking Meeting Statistics In 2020 That Will Take You By Surprise”, 2020. (link)

Archiving discussion opportunities

In recent years, the opportunities for people to gather and discuss are increasing, for example, civil dialogue, world cafes, and ideathons. Although the event itself is valuable, the participants and organizers are difficult to know what the other groups discussed in the event.

By recording these opportunities with Hylable Discussion, we can build an archive. The participants can know the other discussions to learn the idea, and the organizers can measure the activity for further improvement.

Use cases of Hylable Discussion

Discover useless meetings

To find unproductive meetings

Compare meeting productivity

To compare meeting productivity

Discover the hidden facilitator

To find a hidden facilitator

Find a member composition that encourages discussion

To find team members that activate the discussions.

Record a discussion event

To archive a discussion event

Archive public dialogue and save live voice

To archive a civil dialogue

Microsoft Teams integration

To use with Microsoft Teams

Visualize Zoom recordings

Visualize Zoom recordings