Enrich Communication via Auditory Scene Analysis

In-face discussions
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Effective reflections with visualization


Visualizing Communications for Human Resource Development

Human resource development is an essential part of company growth.
Many companies invest in communication-related professional learning programs in various situations, such as mentoring, leadership, and sales pitch. The average amount of investment is reported as $1,111 per employee per year (*)

The challenge is to record the discussions during training. Since the oral communication disappears immediately, it was difficult to find the efficacy of the training program or the employee’s growth in an evidence-based way.

Hylable Discussion makes training more efficient by visualizing communication between people.

By using graphs and reports of Hylable Discussion, participants can compare themselves with their role models and check their own progress.

(*) Training magazine, “2020 Training Industry Report”, 2020.

Use cases of Hylable Discussion

Learn the type of sales talk

To learn the sales pitch

Train how to proceed with the meeting

To learn the discussion facilitation

Find your own leader image

To find your own leadership

Learn how to proceed 1 on 1

To learn the behavior in one-on-one mentoring

Hone your listening skills

To improve your listening skills

Visualize Zoom recordingsã‚‹

Visualize Zoom recordings