Enrich Communication via Auditory Scene Analysis

In-face discussions
and Web conferences

Effective reflections with visualization


Visualizing Active Learning to Discover and Support Learners’ Growth

With the spread of active learning, the learners’ opportunity to learn by dialogue is increasing. They learn actively through group discussion, group work, and other activities where they interact with each other.

The challenge is the difficulty of reviewing the discussion. Since the voice disappears immediately, the learners are difficult to review their own behavior. Also, the educators are impossible to listen to the entire utterances of the learners.

Hylable Discussion supports the learners and educators to quantitative review the discussion by visualizing it into graphs and reports. The learners can improve their metacognitive skills, a skill that perceives their behavior objectively. The educators can improve the teaching skill or facilitation skill based on the evidence. By accumulating the data, it is possible to analyze the learners’ activity statistically.

Behavioral change and class improvement by reviewing the Hylable graphs and reports have been shown by users’ voices and academic papers.

Use cases of Hylable Discussion

Children look back on the discussio

Self-reflection by the learners

The teacher looks back on the lesson

Self-reflection by the educators

Used for class review meetings

Lesson Studies

Used to measure the effects of research and educational practices

Measurement for evidence-based research

Combine with ICT-based lessons

Data science class using the learner’s behavioral data

Visualize Zoom recordings

Visualize Zoom recordings